• Associate Professor Anders Ekholm joins Libera as Research Director

    AnduAssociate Professor of Finance Anders Ekholm had been chosen as Libera’s new reserach director, starting from August 4th. Anders has 15 years of experience in finance research and as an entrepreneur in the investment service business. He is particularly interested in measuring active risk taking and its effect on the results of investment activities. His research has been published in several international journals and reported on by, among others, the Financial Times and the Wall Street Journal. In his spare time Anders does endurance sports and renovates his summer cottage.

    Anders Ekholm’s predecessor Elina Lepomäki continues her work with Libera as a member of the board.

The Future of the Euro – The Options for Finland

The Future of the Euro_CoverOn May 7th Libera published the book “The Future of the Euro – The Options for Finland” (in Finnish) as well as an English language synopsis with the same title. The book is written by a group of Finnish experts, the EuroThinkTank, led by economics professor Vesa Kanniainen

Download the synopsis and read more about the book and its authors here >>