• Libera’s Year 2014: Finland in a Global Economy

    elinalepomakiResearch Director Elina Lepomäki introduces Libera’s 2014 annual theme:

    “In 2013 Libera focused on the welfare state. Now, it is time to turn our gaze from our own navel to the world: what will happen inside and outside Europe’s borders in 2014 and what is Finland’s role in the global economy? We will concentrate on the Euro and the future of the European Union, the protection of property as a human right and free exchange as a source of well-being.”

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Gustav von Hertzen 1930-2013

gusse_150x225“The founder and first Chairman of the Board of Libera, Gustav von Hertzen, died on the morning of December 18th at his home, at the age of 83. Von Hertzen was a significant Finnish company director, social philosopher and writer. He had a career of nearly 40 years at Cultor (formerly known as Suomen Sokeri), first as a plant engineer before becoming the Managing Director and, later on, the Chairman of the Board. Von Hertzen’s “second career” lasted over 20 years, during which time he was involved in creating the success story of Hartwall and the Baltic Beverage Group in the Baltic states and Russia on the boards of the companies and as Chairman, from 1982 to 2004.

Gustav, or ‘Gusse’, as he was always quick to get informal, had an influence on society through the many positions he was entrusted with and took part in public discussions. He was a popular speaker on the topics of company morality and leadership. Von Hertzen’s main work is the magnum opus The Spirit of the Game (1993, Fritzers), in which he presents his own view of our challenges in this century and an impressive overall synthesis of many fields of science.”

Read Libera co-founder Petri Kajander’s entire memorial text here.