Together alone?

The shared security challenges faced by Finland and Sweden

Seminar at the Hanasaari Cultural Centre

Wednesday, 13 February 2019 – please, register below

The seminar will focus on the security situation in the Baltic Sea region, as well as national and regional responses to increased tensions and uncertainties. It will also look at the roles of the EU the NATO in the present situation.

Russia has challenged the European order and created tensions by annexing of Crimea and instigating the war in Donbas. In this context, the conference will focus on the common security and defence policy of the EU and the state of the transatlantic partnership. Beyond this, the bilateral and multilateral defence partnerships in which Finland and Sweden are engaged will be looked at.

The discussion is particularly relevant as Sweden has just, after months of difficult negotiations, come up with a new government coalition after the September elections. Finland is preparing for its parliamentary elections in April, while European elections will take place in May. The main aim of the event is to promote public debate on security policy in both countries.

Finland and Sweden are both confronted with an increasingly unstable and unpredictable international environment. Both countries remain outside NATO, thus being alone together. Nevertheless, they have developed advanced defence partnerships with NATO and many of its member states, and with each other. In the current situation, it is of crucial importance how Finland and Sweden conceive their security and defence policies in the months and years to come.

Think-tanks Libera (Helsinki) and Frivärld (Stockholm) and the Hanasaari Cultural Centre are pleased to invite you to a discussion of the security challenges the two countries are faced with.

Hanasaari Cultural Centre

Hanasaarenranta 5, 02100 Espoo, Finland

10:00 Opening words by Ms Elina Lepomäki, MP, Chair of the Board of Libera

10:15 Keynote address by Mr Jan Nygren, Former Secretary of State of Swedish Ministry of Defence, Senior advisor

10:45 Keynote on the tools of Russian influence operations in Europe and what the EU Member States do to counter influence operations address by Veronika Víchová, Coordinator and Analyst of the Kremlin Watch Program, European Values Think-Tank

11:00 Q & A session

11:15 Coffee break

11:30 So close, so different? The rhetoric and trends in the foreign and security policies of Finland and Sweden

Panel discussion with
Patrik Oksanen, political editor & editorial writer
Yrsa Grüne, journalist, international & security policy
Frank Belfrage, Former Secretary of State of Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs 2006-14.
Matti Pesu, research fellow at the Finnish Institute of International Affairs
Moderator: Director Dr. Oscar Jonsson, Stockholm Free World Forum

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