About Libera

Libera is an independent and politically unaffiliated think tank that supports and advances individual liberty, free enterprise, free markets and a free society.

For us, freedom means the absence of compulsion and is closely linked to responsibility. We publish a variety of materials both online and in print, conduct research and organise public events, such as debates on current topics and a Summer Academy for students, but above all we want to instigate open discussion on issues related to freedom. We want to offer an arena of thought and action for everyone who is interested in a society where freedom and responsibility meet. Most of our publications are in Finnish.


Libera is an operational, non-profit foundation. Our funding is entirely private. Our donors consist of private individuals and private foundations. Libera does not accept public funding or do consultancy work. A significant part of Libera’s work is carried out on a voluntary basis. Libera was founded in 2011 by Gustav von Hertzen and Petri Kajander.

Board of Directors

Lepomäki Elina

Elina Lepomäki

Chair of the board

Elina Lepomäki is a Member of Finnish Parliament (for the National Coalition Party). She has more than 11 years of experience from the finance sector both in the Nordics and London. She has Master's degrees in engineering and economics and has completed post-graduate studies in applied mathematics and system analysis. Elina joined Libera's board in May 2014 and has been its chairman since 2015.

Wahlroos Björn

Björn Wahlroos

Vice Chair of the Board

D.Sc. (Econ.) Björn Wahlroos is the Vice-Chair of the Board of Libera. Wahlroos is the Chair of the Boards of Sampo plc, UPM-Kymmene plc and a member of the Boards of the Finnish Business and Policy Forum EVA, the Research Institute of the Finnish Economy ETLA and the Mannerheim Foundation.

Ilves Toomas

Toomas Ilves

Board member

Toomas Hendrik Ilves is currently working as a visiting scholar at Stanford University. Ilves was the President of Estonia during the years 2006-2016. Before that Ilves served as the Foreign Minister of Estonia during the years 1996-1998 and as a Member of the Estonian Parliament in 1999-2002, In 2004, he was elected and became a Member of the European Parliament and the Vice Chair of the Committee on Foreign Affairs. Ilves is known as a promoter of digitalization and as an expert on security policy.

Lillrank Paul

Paul Lillrank

Board member

Paul Lillrank has worked as a Professor of Industrial Economy, specializing in quality control and service production, at Aalto University (formerly the Helsinki University of Technology, TKK) since 1994. He has also worked as the Director of the Industrial Engineering and Management Department and as the Academic Dean of the MBA Programme at TKK. Lillrank has studied quality and productivity in service sectors, such as air service, travel and retail, and healthcare. He has published several books and scientific articles on the topic of quality control and service production. Lillrank is also one of the authors of the Life Account-report published by Libera.

Pentti-von Walzel Kristina

Kristina Pentti-von Walzel

Board member

Entrepreneur Kristina Pentti was the CEO of Libera Foundation in 2013-2015. Before her post in Libera she worked with several organisations executing fundraising. She is a member of the board of YIT plc and of different foundations.

Tikkanen Henrikki

Henrikki Tikkanen

Board member

Dr. Henrikki Tikkanen has been full Professor of Business Administration (marketing) at Aalto University School of Business (until 2010 Helsinki School of Economics) since 2004.

Vuoria Matti

Matti Vuoria

Board member

Deputy Judge Matti Vuoria is the Vice Chair of the board of Wihuri Ltd, Chairman of the board of Loudspring Ltd and an entrepreneur. Vuoria worked as the CEO of Varma from 2004 to 2013, and has also worked as the Chair of the Board of Fortum plc. Vuoria was chosen to be on the Board of Libera in 2014.