Renaissance for Civil Society

Renaissance for Civil Society

No man deserves his freedom or his life
who does not daily win them anew

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
Faust (1832)

Change is the only constant. Our choices are limited by the extent of available options. We exclude possibilities if we are not open to new or different ideas and views.

Einstein once remarked that it’s insane to repeat the same things over and over, and expect different results. Currently, we are at the crossroads. The old ways are not bringing the desired outcomes. The era of one truth and consensus is over. New approaches are required.

Questioning is the key for new beginnings. It may take drastic re-evaluations to get ahead. Core values and insights are paramount at the crossroads. It is essential to ensure that the chosen direction is valid. Without compass and vision orientating becomes impossible.

Libera’s Role

Libera is an initiative for opening new vistas. Its purpose is to serve as eye-opener, conscience, questioner, and provider of new ideas and solutions. The fundamentals do not change with the passage of time. Still, they require constant reminding, reinvigoration and re-evaluation. What is important? What are the fundamentals and upon which we want to build our future?

Libera is not a value-free actor. Libera supports and advances individual liberty for without individuals there is nothing else either. Strong and responsible individuals build the society. Individual liberty and the right to voluntary cooperation, exchange and self-fulfilment are the basic prerequisites of life. If we do not have the possibility to explore our capabilities and pursue our subjective happiness, can we live happily?

Preconditions for Meaningful Life

Equality before the law and respect for private property are the basic building blocks of human life. Libera’s mission is to support and advance civil society but also to remind of the responsibilities which go along with it. Individual liberty is neither self-evident nor automatic. One needs to stay alert and cherish liberty every day or the alternative is to lose it gradually, or even suddenly.

Good intentions are no guarantee for good outcomes. The human weakness drives for easy solutions. Coercion is a sign of weakness and signifies the loss of humanity. Common sense and moral action call for continual support and reinforcing. It is a rare person who stands up to talk or act when it is required. It is always easier to blend with the crowd or keep quiet.

Libera’s purpose is to bring forth and revisit issues that may not be popular or entertaining but are all the more significant and relevant.