Human Freedom and New Horizons

Human Freedom and New Horizons

I am delighted and honoured to be on Libera’s advisory board and I wish the organisation every success.

Today, all around the world innovative independent think tanks are at the cutting edge of public discourse and I am delighted that with Libera, Finland is truly embracing this new and important institutional trend.

For me, freedom is not just about economic prosperity. It is about the very essence of what it is to be human.

As a libertarian, I believe in the non-coercive principles of life, liberty and property. Just as humans socially co-operate and interact through the means of voluntary exchange (markets), so we also create and subjectively value those very elements that make us human: I am thinking in particular about art and technology.

It is the conjuncture of voluntary exchange and the right to our own subjective beliefs and actions (freedom) that enable us to fulfill our potential.

Thirty years ago, few could have imagined the ways in which the world was about to change. The collapse of Soviet Communism, privatisation’s circling the globe, China’s embracing of markets, the internet, even the prospect of private space flight: back in 1980, all these things seemed almost impossible.

Yet today, most people find it similarly difficult to imagine a world without nationalised central banks, monopoly fiat currencies, deficit financing, government regulation and state welfare. Looked into a residual and ailing world of big government, people’s imaginations remain limited.

This is where Libera comes in. Very much in the business of thinking the unthinkable, its mission is to raise our gaze and in so doing open our eyes to new and better horizons. Rooted in the reality of human prosperity and potential, its job is to make us think more creatively about the essence of freedom.

Dr. Tim Evans
The Cobden Centre
For honest money and social progress