Anssi Vanjoki

Anssi VanjokiLibera’s guest of the week Anssi Vanjoki is an operator in many roles with a diverse career as a company director behind him. At the moment Anssi is working as a professor at the Lappeenranta University of Technology, and as a board member and chairperson of many listed and privately owned companies. He also works as an active investor and developer for many potential companies and start-ups.

What is Finland’s greatest challenge?

“Overwhelmingly the greatest challenge for Finland is to change the attitude climate from envy to encouraging and the adaptation of many-valued, participatory and responsible leadership to society-wide decision-making.”

What is Finland’s greatest opportunity?

“The greatest opportunity is the Finnish sense of practicality and the industrial grasp arising from that basis on the energy and environment industries, user-driven design and product design, and the improvement in diversity of form and industrial refinement value based on our natural resources. Developing digitalisation and the changes brought about by that are also an opportunity for Finnish software expertise as a part of different industrial fields.”

What would you change at once?

“The combined, consistent and equal taxation of all capital earnings, profits and losses.”

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