Paul Lillrank

paul_lillrankLibera’s guest of the week, Libera’s new board member Paul Lillrank is a Professor of Industrial Economics in the Department of Industrial Management at Aalto University. He has worked as a visiting professor in Japan, France and India and led many international research projects. Lillrank’s columns are published regularly in the Finnish national media. Lillrank is one of the writers of the Perusili report published by Libera in December 2013 and has worked within the Libera network for many years.

What is Finland’s greatest challenge?
“The decline in exports is a symptom of society’s lack of ability to regenerate. Labour costs and taxes are less significant in comparison to those in competitor countries than their relationship to the customers’ willingness to pay.”

What is Finland’s greatest opportunity?
“In the world at large, Finland is readily seen as a part of the admired Nordic model: an open society, democratic debate, an atmosphere that is conducive to business and welfare. Finland can get involved in closer Nordic co-operation.”

What would you change at once?
“Behind the export problems, there is a lack of development of the service and innovation society, which is a result of a sparse population and the monopolies of municipalities. I would end regional policy at once.”

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